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touchPOS is our new Windows-based Point of Sale product for pharmacies, featuring touchscreen-driven menus and efficient scanning technologies that provide the flexibility and ease of use necessary in today’s pharmacy market. Easy to train and deploy, touchPOS has security controls that protect your margins as well as robust reporting capabilities.

Complete integration with our RX-1 Pharmacy system allows Accounts Receivable transactions at the register to be posted directly to pharmacy A/R files and provides detailed tracking of prescription status as sold, available for sale or pending. Full POS lane integration with EZFlow allows for prescriptions only to be picked up once verified in EZFlow. With the scanned prescription receipt patients, prescriptions and prices are accessible at the point of sale. Sales and payments can be posted directly to charge accounts while monitoring A/R balances, limits and past due flags.

Inventory and Order Management

  • Electronic wholesaler ordering, acknowledgments and price updates
  • Tracking on-hand inventory item, quantities, vendors, purchase orders and receiving batches for complete ordering and inventory control using FIFO or LIFO controls
  • Multiple reports including on-hand, stock status, days in inventory, total inventory
  • Automated orders for sales, model, stock or reorder point; preferred vendor options
  • Stock master file for loading items not in inventory
  • Multiple vendors for each UPC item and multiple descriptions for the same UPC #

Security, Productivity and Accountability

Clerk Access: Full password security to prohibit user access to unauthorized functions and price reductions, to restrict clerks to specific lanes, cash drawers and time periods and to control voids, returns and file maintenance and special programming access; salesperson lane/drawer assignments with option of dual drawers.

Cash Drawer: Cash drops at specified drawer amounts; lane and drawer assignments with dual drawer and initial cash drawer level settings; drawer reports for easy count down and settlement.

Management Reports

Data-rich reports including identification of missing prescriptions, sales analysis by product and department, sales tax, cash drawer daily receipt summary, transaction listing, processed and unprocessed prescriptions, salespersons, open invoice, A/R transactions and hourly and promotional sales.


  • Sales, returns, payments, gift certificates, hold/delivery, paid outs, exchange tender, debit/credit adjustments, payroll deduction and user-defined invoice types
  • Merchandise scanning/keyboard entry and item modification at time of sale
  • Payment types including cash, check, A/R, credit, debit, and gift card purchases
  • Internet credit card/debit/gift card; promotional pricing for specified dates


  • Total integration with RX-1 Pharmacy A/R applications
  • A/R charges, payments, debit and credit adjustments posted through POS to eliminate charge slips and postings and create permanent records within POS
  • Tracking via POS to identify prescription status as sold, deleted or reversed

Credit, Debit, Cash Cards

  • Credit, Debit, and FSA/HSA card processing via Chase Paymentech


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