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A Little Something Extra…

Lagniappe Pharmacy Services (LPS) works to maximize your pharmacy’s efficiency and profitability while connecting you to other healthcare providers and services, yielding positive patient outcomes. LPS offer multiple solutions that help pharmacies fill prescriptions quickly, safely, and profitably. Our services are used by community pharmacies, regional chains, hospitals, veterinary pharmacies and institutions to maximize their pharmacy’s efficiency and profitability while connecting them to their patients, other healthcare providers and services to provide positive patient outcomes.

What kind of pharmacy practice do you operate? Are you a traditional corner drugstore, an apothecary in a medical facility, a compounding center, a LTC/NH facility or a specialty pharmacy? Single or multiple-store operation? Regardless of the size or type of practice, Lagniappe Pharmacy Services has a system to optimize your pharmacy practice and business.

“Lagniappe Pharmacy Services strives to provide solutions that will help our customers make more money and produce better outcomes for their patients.”

Christina McCormack
SVP – LPS Operations

RX-1, our premier pharmacy management system, offers Rx imaging, true FIFO inventory management, configurable workflow, fully integrated point-of-sale (POS), nursing home/LTC with eMARs, DME billing, claims reconciliation services and much more. With efficient, user-friendly design, our pharmacy retail systems provide quick and easy “fill and bill” functionality while offering a robust array of features. The modular architecture of our pharmacy software allows us to easily create a custom setup that is ideally suited to your specific needs. Years of continuous refinement and enhancement have resulted in pharmacy software systems with unparalleled functionality and reliability.

To meet the challenges of improving communication with your patients to manage their medications and health, RX-1 is directly integrated with patient management tools to identify opportunities for medication synchronization, MTM opportunities, 5 Star ratings and other available measures. LPS products and services provide cost-effective solutions that will help you make more money and produce better outcomes for your patients.

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