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Connect with Your Pharmacy Patients 24/7

Pharmacy Patient Communications

With myPharmacyConnect by FDS, patients can stay connected with your pharmacy 24/7 – right from their computer, tablet or mobile phone. With features such as Refill Reminders, Pickup Alerts and Auto Refills, myPharmacyConnect can save you time and money.

You will make your money back on this program.
Brian Pinto, RPh, Tiffany Natural Pharmacy
It really cuts down on the number of bags we put back each week
Mark Baychuk, RPh, Vitality Drug and Surgical
98% of prescriptions are picked up within two days of filling the Rx’s
Chandra Haran, Mellor's Drug Store

myPharmacyConnect Features

The Pickup Alerts feature in myPharmacyConnect alerts patients when they have forgotten to pick up a prescription. This simple reminder can significantly reduce the number of returns-to-stock, meaning less waste, improved compliance and more revenue.
With features like Refill Reminders and Auto-Refills, you can increase the number of prescriptions you fill and help patients remain compliant.
Approximately 30% of prescription refills requested with myPharmacyConnect are during times when the pharmacy would otherwise be closed, such as late night, early morning or weekends. myPharmacyConnect gives your patients 24/7 access to your pharmacy.
Refill Requests from myPharmacyConnect are sent directly to your pharmacy system which reduces the amount of patient phone calls received and the time spent manually entering refill orders.

RX-1 now includes integrated Patient Management! 
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