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Visual | Lagniappe Pharmacy Services


Visual Pharmacy® for Windows represents the accumulation of 15 years of experience in pharmacy dispensing-system design. Visual Pharmacy is designed to maximize the advantages of the Windows graphic interface and help pharmacies process prescriptions quickly and safely.

Visual Pharmacy’s information is organized and displayed in concise groupings that simplify your pharmacy staff’s access to the information necessary to fill prescriptions efficiently. We carefully made Visual Pharmacy as intuitive as possible. Because many processes are automated, you can concentrate more on the patient, their medications and the profitability of your pharmacy operations.


  • Install, learn and operate system with ease
  • Lower your pharmacy technology operating costs
  • Fill Rxs quickly and safely
  • Manage Inventory
  • Print laser or thermal prescription labels
  • Capture signatures electronically with EZ-Sign
  • Integrate Point of Sale with Visual POS

Prescription Processing

  • Multitasking: Process multiple prescriptions simultaneously in multiple windows.
  • Fast Refills: Refill prescriptions at patient’s profile with just a few keystrokes or mouse clicks.
  • Drug Utilization Review: Screen prescriptions against the patient’s file for duplicate prescriptions, drug interactions, allergies and patient compliance based on timeliness of refills.
  • Compounding: Compound at the ingredient level.
  • Efficient Function: Link SIG codes and free text to quickly produce detailed directions. Write unlimited notes for patients, doctors, drugs and prescriptions.
  • Master Drug Database: Add new drug products and images instantly from master drug database.
  • Master Doctor Database: Add physicians from a database with more than 1 million records.
  • Spanish Language Support: Provide English and Spanish prescription labels, warning labels and patient educational materials.

Additional Features

  • Patient and third-party card/coverage look-up
  • Nursing Home/LTC with E-MARs
  • In-store customer charge accounts
  • Loyalty programs
  • Quick, convenient prescription price quotes
  • Master drug file with display of in-stock drugs
  • Price Modeler to customize price strategies down to the patient level

Data Services and Connectivity

  • Seamless Electronic Prescription Integration: EZ e-Script provides access to the Surescripts national e-prescribing network as well as others.
  • Electronic Billing: Supports multiple payor plans per patient and reconciliation of all claims.
  • Internet Claims: Speedy background claims submission with sub-second response time and electronic claims hold for online batch transmission when available.
  • DME Claims: Bill HME/DME (Pt B claims) to Medicare, Medicaid and third-party plans from your Visual Pharmacy system using EZ-DME.
  • Interfaces: Easily connect to IVR systems, dispensing robots, medication delivery programs, 340B and pricing services.

Pharmacy Management