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About Lagniappe Pharmacy Services

Lagniappe [lan-yap, lan-yap]

 1. An unexpected or indirect gift or benefit
 2. A little something extra.

In August 2011, Lagniappe Health was formed with the acquisition of HCC, a leading national provider of healthcare technology, and FDS, a national provider of healthcare data services. With the addition of OPUS-ISM in August 2012, Lagniappe Health continued to build a company that services thousands of customers nationwide (and in Puerto Rico) and has the resources to provide the solutions you need to compete.

Lagniappe Pharmacy Services (LPS) focuses on supporting the business model of our customers and ensuring their long-term success. We listen to the challenges our customers face and use our products and services to meet their needs. We have more than 200 employees in six national offices from coast to coast representing decades of experience in healthcare and pharmacy operations, technology and services. And we continue to invest daily to provide you solutions for today and the future.

What kind of pharmacy practice do you operate? Are you a traditional corner drugstore, an apothecary in a medical facility, a compounding center, a LTC/NH facility or a specialty pharmacy? One-store or a multiple-store operation? Regardless of your size or type of pharmacy practice, Lagniappe has a system to optimize your pharmacy practice and business.